Saturday, March 14, 2020

Emig Mansions' 1863 connection to Gettysburg!

                                   The Battle of Gettysburg and The Emig Mansion

One of the first pieces of history we found out about when preparing to move in to The Emig Mansion was the Confederate army taking over the Emig family home just two days before the battle of Gettysburg. We love Gettysburg! We love history! We were so happy to have a connection with the Civil war and the house we were getting ready to turn into a Bed & Breakfast.

One of our first "welcome" gifts was the "letter from Flora" presented to us by Civil War author, Scott Mingus. Flora was the last surviving daughter of the Emig family who wrote a letter to the buyer of the family home. In it, she shared some of her fondest childhood memories and recounted the time in 1863 when the Confederate Army took over the house for two days before marching on to fight in the battle of Gettysburg. Now, we share this letter with every guest that comes into our home.

 We decided to get out of the house for awhile today and spend some time out in the fresh air and decided to head to Gettysburg; the battlefield or in town.  We have a lot of favorite spots on the battlefield and today we started our 3 mile hike at the Trostle Farm. We walked along some of the horse trails through the woods and then up to Little Round Top. It was a cool but beautiful day, but everyday is wonderful at Gettysburg. After a nice walk we went down to Cashtown to visit one of other favorite places, The Thirsty Farmer craft brewery. Have you ever tried a hot apple cider donut with a cold beer. you have no idea what you're missing!!!

Hope you'll plan a visit to see us at The Emig Mansion Bed and Breakfast.
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The Trostle Farm with cannon ball damage in the bricked area
Original breastworks we found on todays hike to the north of 
Little Roundtop.

Union soldier guarding the approach to Little Roundtop
as the confederate army advances from the Wheatfield.

LRT from a distance

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